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Terms & Conditions

Any claims of damage to either the appliance or property must be called through to the office within 24 hours of the clean. Then to be submitted in writing either by text or email, within 48 hours after a cleaning is carried out. Text to 07501770580 or email to


In the highly unlikely event of dissatisfaction with a clean, Great Orme oven cleaning must be informed in writing, via text or email, within 24 hours, and the appliance must not have been used. Text to 07501770580 or email to


Neff Hide and Slide Doors

Unfortunately, we cannot remove and clean a NEFF Hide and Slide door.  This is due to the likelihood of serious damage when re-fitting them. This is on some of the early models, until the manufacturers have sorted this problem our insurance company has advised that we can no longer remove this type of door. This also includes all Neff ovens with rolling handles. We can only clean the top layer of glass, as further removal stretches the cables and can mean a repair or replacement which can cost approximately £175 or more


Element Check

Pre-cleaning your oven our insurance company has requested that we check the elements for damage that may cause the oven to trip out after cleaning. This will be done using a torch and any issues will be pointed out before we start to clean. Should you have any element on the top of your oven, we will be able to clean around it, we cannot clean under the element, as they are easily damaged. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


New Homes & End of Tenancy

If you are organizing an appliance cleaning before move in, then it is your responsibility to check that the appliance is in full working order at the time of the booking. If we arrive to do the cleaning and any part of the appliance doesn't work, we have the right to refuse to do the clean. This will be subject to our call-out fee of £20.


Pre-existing Damage

All our cleaning services start with an appliance check. If at any time during this check I feel it is not advisable to carry out the cleaning, we will advise the customer and the cleaning won't take place. It is often found that cleaning an appliance with pre-existing damage, whether from the age of an appliance or the use of other cleaning products will shorten the life of the said appliance. We will not carry out a cleaning if we believe it will make this damage worse or will take an unrealistic time to correct the damage done by the use of products we have not recommended. If a part of any appliance to be cleaned is not working, we have the right to not go ahead with the cleaning. As we ask at the time of booking if all appliances are in full working order and once we've come out, this will be subject to a call-out charge of £20.

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